CGI Arnie  the Super Blow-Up Doll! And you know what blowup dolls are good for, right?
CGI Arnie the Super Blow-Up Doll! And you know what blowup dolls are good for, right?

by Diana Vaccarelli

When I heard they were doing another Terminator film my big question was, what else are they going to do to ruin such a great franchise?

After viewing the trailer I was hopeful that this film was going to reinvigorate the legend that is James Cameron’s Terminator. So one gloomy, rainy Friday night, I decided to see “Terminator Genisys” and find out for myself what the filmmakers had done.

Here’s what I discovered: In no way does it measure it up to the original.

“Terminator Genisys” centers on the mission the sends Kyle Reese back in time to protect Sarah Connor, mother of future human leader John Connor. When Kyle reaches his destination, he reaches a version of the time that he was not expecting. Not only is he immediately in trouble, he is saved by a warrior Sarah instead of the weak and timid woman living at this point in time in previous incarnations of this cracked tentpole. Sarah explains that the timeline has changed and she’s ready to help him stop Skynet before it comes into power.

Jai Courtney portrays Kyle Reese.  What I didn’t like about this version is that Reese was a sarcastic asshole and not the sensitive solider portrayed so brilliantly in the original “Terminator” by Michael Biehn.  The good news, though, is thatCourtney did a decent job with what he was given. Despite my disappointment of the change in the character, I was drawn into his version of Kyle.

Emilia Clarke of Games of Thrones fame, is the latest incarnation of Sarah Connor.  The writers did her justice, and I enjoyed her as the tough as nails chick that Linda Hamilton portrayed back in T2.  Clarke does an excellent job at portraying the toughness yet gives her vulnerability with Reese as well.   

The worst part of the film was Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the way I see it only the most diehard Arnie fan would be surprised by this revelation. (Or any of the readers of previous reviews of this film that somehow managed to neglect pointing this out.)

Not only are the CGI attempts to recreate his formerly glorious physique absurd, Ahnold’s attempts at giving the aging Terminator feelings and humanity are just plain awful. Unlike previous Terminator installments, this one actually has a few moments that call for him to smile…and the obscenely fake smile that appeared made me cringe more than any moment in any horror film ever has

Bottom line: Although there were entertaining moments and action that almost lived up to the franchise, the most I can give “Terminator Genisys” is three stars out of five. And as to whether I would recommend that anybody see it, well, I really think that if you’re tempted just keep asking yourself:


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