If MAD MAX FURY ROAD Got TV Network Notes

The reality TV producer whose blog goes by the name Jeez Jon has a few words about the efficacy of network notes…as in how much they would have “improved” the latest and hugely successful version of MAD MAX


NOTE: The following contains spoilers for MAD MAX: FURY ROAD. If you do not wish to be spoiled, please stop reading now. If reading network notes makes you turn red from frustration, please consult your physician.


Hello! Thanks for sending us MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Fine Cut I. We really do appreciate all your hard work in getting this to us in a timely manner.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any time code notes for this cut.  While we appreciate your team’s creativity, there are so many general notes we feel need to be addressed first before we nitpick.  Right now in the cut, the audience isn’t being told exactly what’s going on in an explicit manner. While this may work on other networks, our research has shown that we need to really guide the viewers.  We feel a bite pass is absolutely necessary.  Maybe a comedy pass too?  Let’s discuss.


While we appreciate the creative audio design of the different sound ups about how the world fell apart due to climate change and nuclear war, it is really jarring to just start the action with Max on the mountain top surveying the desert.  This would be a great time to put in a package introducing Max.  His name, where he’s from, what his interests are, etc.  We feel this would really make him very relatable to our viewers.  He has a great voice; why not hear more of him?

Per legal, please confirm that the two-headed lizard was NOT actually killed and eaten.


Using the tattoo on Max’s back to show that he’s a universal blood donor is kind of interesting but I’m not sure where this is going. Wouldn’t a set up bite from Max or one of the War Boys be helpful here? Needs some clarification.

The shot of the large women with the milking machines on their breasts is well done but kind of unnecessary.  Where is this going?  Our storytelling needs to be on point. Bites and some sound ups would really help here as well.

Wow, Immortan Joe is a villain I really love to hate.  Big props to your casting department.  Let’s have legal do another background check on him just in case; I don’t want another Honey Boo-Boo incident.

Great introduction of Furiosa.  She really pops on camera.  But, I’m left with a lot of questions about her. This is another instance where an intro package would really go a long way.  If her last name is Furiosa, what’s her first name? Gladys? (Don’t know, just curious) Why does she only have one arm? If she has a bite where she cries about losing the arm, it would really help establish her as a woman who is on brand with our network.  Please double check your footage.


Furiosa’s escape from Immortan Joe’s compound is very well shot and thrilling, but the music is a tad monotonous.  Can we vary it up some? Something lighter? Just thinking out loud here.

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