If Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Got Reality TV Network Notes

Notes are the bane of the existence of everybody working in television, including those who write them. Today, the ever-perceptive reality TV producer known on the web as Jeez Jon tells us what it would be like to take part in the Not-So-Wonderful-World-of-Notes for the Disney classic BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.

beauty and her friendWriter’s note: The following contains spoilers for Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. If your nose is going to get bent out of shape regarding spoilers from a movie that came out in 1991, please up your dosage. 


Hello! Thanks for addressing the notes from Rough Cut I. We do appreciate your team turning those notes around so quickly.  Unfortunately, as it now sits, we feel we do have a long way to go in before we can really truly lock this episode. Timecoded notes will have to wait; we are in emergency mode.  Right now, Belle is coming across as too scholastic and the Beast has too much camera time.  Can we recut this so Belle and Gaston end up together? (Just an idea) There is also a lot of potential right now amongst the Beast’s staff; let’s flesh that out a bunch (please see below). Also, where is the bite pass we requested? Guys, we need to really be up front with our viewers about the characters’ feelings and intentions. Let’s get into the heads of every human, creature, and talking armoire in our cast! Every scene has to have TENSION AND STAKES; right now, we are way off the mark. Detailed notes are below.


Is this scratch VO explaining the Prince’s background? The guy sounds really old; is this one of the editors? Let’s re-record with someone younger with more energy.  Right now, we do feel this is a great set up for the story.  Let’s maximize our screen time by grabbing the viewers right from the start.  Maybe a Zach Ephron-type? Let’s discuss.


I’ve never been fond of casting Belle; too bookish. (We should have gone more Megan Fox than Amy Adams, but I was overruled). Our research shows that our audience likes seeing women WITH books over actually LOVING books; the latter makes our target demographic feel dumb and unproductive.  And who wants that?  Let’s do an opening montage of Belle walking through her hometown where she explains who she is, where she lives and her interests (THEN show her reading a book for maybe 3 seconds).  This whole section can be trimmed down.

Gaston has a great entrance. He is testing very well and we are big fans of his over here, so let’s set him up for success, shall we? Add in some very empathetic bites from him and La Fou about how much he’s loved in town.  That way, he can be great foil for Belle and not be so douchey. (Though a bit of douchiness is good; the affluencers in our demographic thoroughly enjoy tweeting about a lovable bad boy!) Recut Belle’s and Gaston’s confrontation where we tone him down some.  You guys, we need to protect our cast from themselves.


Belle’s father Maurice is going to a fair because he’s an inventor? I know Belle explained this to Gaston in the previous scene but I totally forgot about it! Let’s put in a flashback here to drive this home.  How important is the fair? How often does this happen? Why is Belle not going with her father? So many loose ends here, guys; sloppy, sloppy, SLOPPY! Let’s do a serious bite pass on this scene so we can set ourselves up for success.

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