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Yesterday, our Beloved Leader Larry Brody wrote on this very site about his experience attempting to cut the, in his case satellite cord. And shortly after one of our stalwart minions saw that particular post, she found this view of the cord-cutting situation. So of course we just had to share:

Verizon Exec In Charge Of TV Services Admits She Cut The Cord
by Karl Bode

VZ_GOOGLE_ProPic_WhiteStrokeWhen the executive in charge of your company’s traditional television services publicly admits she’s a cord cutter who no longer watches traditional TV, it might be time to reconsider the future of pay television. By and large most cable and broadcast executives have responded to the cord cutting phenomenon by either denying it exists, claiming it’s the domain of losers, or insisting it’s a fad that will magically evaporate once more Millennials procreate. But at a recent TV industry conference, Verizon’s director of FiOS TV services, admitted she’s been a cord cutter for a while:

“Maitreyi Krishnaswamy, director of FiOS TV, has a confession, and it doesn’t bode well for the future of Verizon’s fixed-line video business. “I’ve pretty much cut the cord,” Krishnaswamy admitted on a panel at the TV of Tomorrow event in New York City. Krishnaswamy is bullish on Verizon’s new Go90 mobile video service, but she readily acknowledges there are major challenges in the traditional pay-TV business.

For all its faults, Verizon executives have been considerably more progressive than its industry counterparts when it comes to cord cutting, at times being actually able to admit a massive change is on the wind. And Verizon has responded by being one of the only companies to embrace more flexible TV channel lineups, including its recent launch of a so-called skinny bundle that takes the most expensive part of the cable lineup (sports, ESPN) and places it outside of the core channel offering. Such a move was TV industry heresy, and Verizon was sued by ESPN for its efforts….

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