How to Track All Your TV Shows So You Never Miss an Episode

We admit it. We luvs us our streaming video sites. But sometimes they get so…confusing.

Luckily, we also luvs us our Lifehacker, and it’s here to save the day:

tvorganizingby Alan Henry

If you’re like me, your Netflix queue is full of stuff you’ve been meaning to watch and your Hulu favorites can scroll on for a while if you let it. Combined with multiple profiles, everyone in your household may have a long list of shows they want to watch or have already tried. Here’s how to keep them all organized so you always have something to watch.

Organize All Your Saved Shows in One Place

You probably already have a Netflix queue (possibly one for everyone in your household), Hulu favorites list, and maybe some bookmarked TV shows or movies you want to stream from Amazon Video on Demand. If you’re sitting down in front of the TV, ready to watch something, it can be tricky to try and sort out which service the show you want to watch is on, or whether the show you’re interested in is on any of them. Thankfully there are services that will checkand add those TV shows and movies to a queue so you’ll always know where to find them:

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