We Just Found Out About the Freelancer’s Union

And it sounds like something every, um, freelancer should check into.

Big thanks to Nathan Bransford for his ever-insightful life:

fu_logo_1Job Change!
by Nathan Bransford

I am changing jobs!

Today is my last day at CNET, and on Monday I’m going to be joining the Freelancer’s Union, an organization devoted to providing advocacy and insurance for freelancers, where I’m going to be the director of community and social media. I’m completely thrilled to join an organization I’ve long admired and am excited to be working with Sara Horowitz, the Freelancer’s Union’s founder and executive director, who you may have read about a few months back in the New York Times.

This puts me back in the world of advocating for writers as well as other freelancers. It’s a really great fit and I can’t wait to start.

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