How to recognise, prevent and deal with burnout

Or, um, not.

Just kidding. Good stuff here: (And, yes, sadly we speak with genuine burnout experience. Sigh….)


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‘Burnout’ is a word that we often hear in the creative industries, and not just from people who run their own businesses and freelance. It’s a state of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress.

Burnout leaves you feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope with simple tasks. It can make you lose all interest or motivation in your work and you might also become helpless, cynical or even resentful. Eventually, you might want to hide under your duvet and never emerge from your bedroom again.

Because burnout affects your productivity levels and drains you of all energy, happiness and calm – it’s hugely important to recognise the warning signs before it’s too late. These signs and symptoms can be physical, emotional and behavioural…

The Physical Signs of Burnout

You’re constantly exhausted and drained. You have a lower immunity and suffer from regular colds and flu. You suffer from headaches, back and muscle aches. You’re struggling to sleep at night. Your appetite habits have changed. You keep sighing loudly, to the point where people notice.

The Emotional Signs of Burnout

You feel hopeless and have adopted a negative outlook on the world. You feel like a failure. You feel detached and like you’re all alone. You lack motivation and care less about things. You feel trapped and defeated. Your satisfaction levels have taken a nosedive.

The Behavioural Signs of Burnout

You increasingly isolate yourself from other people. You procrastinate and take longer to get things done. You turn to food, drugs or alcohol to cope with stress levels. You take out anger on others. You withdraw from all responsibilities and skip or avoid work altogether.

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