How to Introduce Characters in a Screenplay

One of the most essential skills in TV and film writing is that of introducing your characters quickly, efficiently, and, most importantly, interestingly. This article is a wonderful introduction to the art of…introduction.


How to Introduce Characters in a Screenplay: Character Descriptions Tips
by SC Lannom

Understanding how to introduce characters in a screenplay takes more than properly formatting character descriptions.

You want to consider when, where, and how each decision will play out in the mind of the reader and then how it will translate onscreen.

We’ll explian screenwriting character introductions so that you can build rich character descriptions that set a tone for your script.


How to introduce a character in a screenplay

Character introductions in screenplays require a bit of formatting, a bit of craft, a bit of art, and a bit of love. Introducing a character in a screenplay is one of the best opportunities for a screenwriter to set a tone with robust and clever character description… but there is something else you want.

An intelligent screenwriter will lace critical story elements into their character introductions to bolster the reader’s engagement.

Here’s the standard operating procedure for introducing characters:

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