HEROES Creator Tim Kring Bets on New Entertainment Platforms

In other words, he’s part of a new company finding new ways to create the ever-popular old buzzword/concept “synergy.” All we can say is we hope this works better – and therefore lasts longer – than, you know, HEROES:

Now this is nerd power. Yah!
Now this is nerd power. Yah! (We mean that in the most positive way. For reals.)

by Mike Fleming Jr.

Heroes creatorTim Kring has joined forces with Blacklight founder Zak Kadison and longtime Farrelly brothers producer Bradley Thomas to form Imperative Entertainment, a production company launched with financing from Dan Friedkin and his Friedkin Group. The Houston-based entrepreneur made his fortune through automotive and other ventures, and he will fully finance a company designed to use the trio’s skills and relationships to exploit seams in a fast-changing industry. This, they hope, will provide a strong alternative for content creators who want to develop material across multiple platforms including television, movie, video game, books, comics and new media.

I met the quartet in the two-story Santa Monica headquarters they are building. At that time, the sheetrock hadn’t been hung over the aluminum studs, and Friedkin didn’t expect the space to be ready until early next month. The venture already has gotten up and running, though. They are building their first slate and have just hired their first executive. They’ve brought in Justin Levy, the former senior veep and Head of Scripted Series Programming at MTV, who takes the post of EVP Content. At MTV, Levy helped build the channel’s scripted programming that includes Teen Wolf and Awkward.

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