Herbie J Pilato Reminds Us that a Writer’s Work is Never Done

by  Herbie J Pilato

Writing is your life.

You can stop writing when you’re dead.

That’s the way you have to look at it.

Pay your rent, your mortgage, and all of your bills on time, and then go out and have a good time with your family, friends, and colleagues.

Then when you return home, rest, and then the next day, start-up the writing machine once again.

For me?  I do that in the morning, from around 4:30 AM to 11:00 AM.  Those are my core hours.

Other writers are night owls.  But not me.  I’m exhausted by at least Noon.

Although I spend the rest of the day and sometimes early evening working the tasks that surround and support the actual act of writing; things like making phone calls; research; or taking lunch meetings.

But as far as actual writing, there’s only so much room in my brain every day for the creation, shaping and communicating of words, be they fictional, fantasy or based in reality.

And that’s okay.  Because we all work at our own pace…every day, without ever really feeling we have a completed manuscript, book, poem, or essay.

That’s what sequels, re-dos, revisions, and reprints are for, all of which brings us back to our central message:

A writer’s work is never done.

Herbie J Pilato is the Founder and Executive Director of The Classic TV Preservation Society and author of several classic TV companion books.  He has been part of TVWriter™ for almost 20 years and is Contributing Editor Emeritus. Learn more about Herbie J HERE.

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