Have You Made Your Goal Your Priority?

Amazingly, it turns out that a lot of us don’t. We have to earn a living first and write the Great American Screenplay second, and besides, we’re so terrified of failing with the screenplay that life is much more comfortable if we just keep thinking instead of writing. You know, that kind of thing.

Time to look inward, Future TV Writers of Tomorrow, and, as the following makes clear, “make sure you always put your Top Priority first:”

4_Signs_Your_Big_Goal_Isn_t_a_Priorityfrom Craig Jarrow & Time Management Ninja

You have a big goal. (Everyone does…)

You know what it is.

Chances are, others in your life know it too. After all, you talk about it often.

Yet, as much as you say it is your top priority, you don’t get to it.

You need to ask, “Am I truly putting my most important goal first in my life?”

When Your Big Goal Isn’t Your Priority

You say it is your big goal.

You say you are going to do it someday.

What is it?

  • Get in shape?
  • Find a new job?
  • Start a business?
  • Write a book?

It really doesn’t matter what your goal is. What matters is that you are doing it, not just talking about it.

The question is, “Why aren’t you getting around to it?”

You may say, I don’t have enough time. Or that other things always seem to come up that prevent you from doing your dream.

However, the real reason you aren’t doing your big goal is simple.

It’s because you don’t put it first.

First…before you do lesser tasks.
First… before you do even some essential things.
First… before you do anything else….

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