How are You Moving Forward?

Or are you? Nathan Bransford, TVWriter™’s favorite publishing know-it-all, has a few words for us about stress, creativity, and hunkering down.


by Nathan Bransford

The past year of the pandemic has felt like a time of stasis in so many ways. We’re physically isolated and we’re spending more time than ever indoors. Entire categories of friendship have melted away. Most of us are hunkering down and just waiting for this madness to pass, and yet the very act of waiting for some indeterminate date just makes the end feel farther away.

This has translated into some mental stasis for me too. It’s coincided with a period where my most recent novel has been on hold for a time, and I’ve found it difficult to push anything forward apart from my business.

Physically, creatively, even psychically: things have felt stuck.

Of course… all of this might not pass. Who knows if and when things will return to what they were before? And it’s hard to feel like you’re sitting around just letting time just melt away.

I feel a bit caught between trying to force myself to push through to aim for a sense of momentum vs. just accepting that things are going to move more slowly with the stressors of this time.

So I thought I’d see what you think and how you’ve been approaching this.

Are you pushing forward? Or are you accepting the stasis? How are you keeping your head up? Where are you with your creative work?

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