Feedly.Com Wants Writers…


…and illustrators and videographers (whatever they are). This leading content aggregation site (hey, everybody at TVWriter™ uses it!) is looking for freelance content creators who “are passionate about your craft and feedly [sic]” and can “create concise content that helps others get the most out of feedly.”

And, it appears that whomever takes on the gig will get something out if it too – like dinero. No, they don’t come out and say so on the site, but their application does have a specific blank for “My rate,” and we doubt that they’re asking just so they’ll know what you won’t be getting paid if they bring you on. (Yeah, we’re asking to get kicked in the teeth with that assumption, aren’t we? Sorry.)

Check out Feedly HERE

Go directly to the application form HERE

Give our regards to Broadway HERE (We have no idea whatsoever why we’ve linked to this except virtual reality, you know?)

Let us know what happens!