Every SAILOR MOON Episode Ever is Coming to Hulu!

…And DVD and Blu-Ray, but let’s face it: For most of us these days it’s all about what we can find on the interweb. Which makes Hulu – and Netflix and Amazon Prime – the main places to get our TV fix. 200 eps, uncut – wowee!

by Becky Chambers

Hearken to me, dear readers, and bear witness to the chilling tale of trying to watch subtitledSailor Moon episodes in the late ’90s. These were the days of dial-up, when downloading a single transformation sequence clip could take an hour (provided your parents did not pick up the phone). Obtaining full episodes was an odyssey, often involving VHS bootlegs of dubious legality. We heard whispers of the existence of Sailor Stars, the series’ final season, but alas, a US release was not to be. Most never saw those episodes, and those that did faced a long, arduous quest, in which seekers chased rumors of fansubs through mysterious message boards and the uncharted realm of GeoCities. These were dark times.

But lo, the powers of good have triumphed at last, for on Monday, May 19, Sailor Moon will begin streaming on Hulu and Neon Alley. The inaugural day will bring us the first four episodes, with two new episodes appearing every Monday until the saga is complete. Uncut, unspoiled. No missing scenes or kissing cousins. And as if that weren’t enough, the series is coming to DVD and Blu-ray, too. This, my friends, is a new age.

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