Diana Vacc Sees Wicked City

Nope, this isn't a pic from the TV series. It's from a review of an anime by the same name we found at Brandon's Cult Movie Reviews.
Nope, this isn’t a pic from the TV series. It’s from a review of an anime by the same name we found at Brandon’s Cult Movie Reviews.

by Diana Vaccarelli

Wicked City is a classic story of a man looking for love…or it is it? The thriller opens up with Kent Galloway (Ed Westwick) hooking up with a young girl on the Sunset Strip in the 1980’s.  

When Kent can’t perform sexually, he pulls out a knife and stabs the woman to death, at which point enter Detective Jack Roth (Jeremy Sisto) to investigate the murder. From there on you get a classic cat and mouse game, but, sadly not one nearly as interesting as in, say, Criminal Minds.

The Good:

  • The chemistry between Jeremy Sisto and his partner, played by Gabriel Luna. They make the absolute best of their familiar characters, playing the hell out of their roles as rival Cops.

The Bad:

  • Creator and writer Steven Baigelman writes a pilot so offensive to women that it made me cringe. Right before each murder Kent commits, the female victim is down on her knees giving him, well, you know.  And then there’s the fact that Kent himself is so predictable that no matter how hard Ed Westwick, who plays him, tries, there’s no way he can breathe life into the character.
  • We’ve seen all of this before, and most of the time, sadly, we’ve seen it done better.


The one thing keeping me watching this show is Jeremy Sisto. I want to see his Jack Roth character win and keep the bad guy from ever having a chance to bore me again. Sisto is a fantastic actor, who plays the part in a way that saves it from being a typical detective, but not even he can keep this going for an entire series.

EDITOR’S NOTE: As surprising as this may seem to more cynical TV viewers, Diana’s words in her conclusion have proved prophetic. ABC demonstrated a modicum of good sense and cancelled WICKED CITY shortly after we received her review. 

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