Diana Vacc sees “Prison Break” Season 5 Episodes 4 thru 6

by Diana Vaccarelli


The last three weeks of Prison Break: Episodes 4, 5, and 6 have been intense and all blend together as, in effect, one long episode, so I’m writing one review for all three. Plotwise, they cover Michael escaping Ogygia Prison and reuniting with his brother Lincoln, with Isil on their tail as they are running through the desert.  Oh, and at last Michael reveals to Lincoln the real reason why he faked his death.



Writer/Creator Paul T. Scheuring continues to brings us episodes with intense action scenes. While on the run from Isil, Michael decides to be a decoy and sacrifice himself for Lincoln and his fellow escapees. In the course of this, an Isil soldier dies and Michael is mortally wounded. I was literally screaming “NOOO! He can’t die without seeing his son!!” Fellow fans you know what I’m talking about.

These episodes not only have action but emotion as well. I loved the scene with Sheba on the phone with Lincoln and discovering that a relationship between the two of them is in the offing. Of course, considering all the plot tricks Scheuring has been playing on us, I could be wrong.

I love the realism of the show and the writing despite the fact that Michael surviving a brain tumor has not yet been answered.


Nada. Really. And this isn’t something I say lightly.


I had my reservations about the show before it returned but have been pleasantly surprised by how it has come together.

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