Diana Vacc sees “Prison Break” Season 5 Episode 3 “The Liar”

by Diana Vaccarelli


On April 18, 2017, Prison Break: Season 5 Episode 3 The Liar aired.  In this episode T-Bag surprises Sarah and informs her that two henchmen are following her. Meanwhile, in Syria, Lincoln attempts to recover his stolen passport, and Michael makes his move to escape Ogygia, the prison he is in.


The first three episodes this season have treated us to exceptional performances. Each actor brings new levels and surprise to the characters.

Dominic Purcell, who plays Lincoln Burrows, demonstrates Lincoln’s combination of inner strength and compassion when Sheba is being tortured by an Isil fighter by trying to help her armed with nothing but determination.

Wentworth Miller continues to surprise me as Michael Scofield, particularly when, at the end of the episode, he records a cell phone message to Sarah. The scene gives this longtime fan so much hope that the Michael of old is still accessible that it made me tear up.


The only that that bothered me about this episode is that Michael now seems to be friends with the Isil organization. What have you done, MICHAEL!? I feel a personal sense of betrayal but will stick it out…at least until I learn…”WHY?” 


Being a diehard Prison Break fan I continue to be excited watching each new episode.  I urge you to give this show a chance and am confident that if you do you’ll become a fellow fan with ME!!!

Um…sorry. Toldja I was a diehard.

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