Diana Vacc sees Outlander Episode 11 “Vengeance is Mine”

Outlander Season 2 2016

by Diana Vaccarelli

This episode of Outlander, entitled “Vengeance is Mine,” covers so much ground that it’s hard to know where to begin.

After several victories, Bonnie Price Charlie (Andrew Gower) and his Generals argue over whether to storm London. After much debate they decide to turn back to Scotland for the winter and to their ultimate defeat in the future. While in Scotland, our band of merry men are trapped in a church by English Soldiers. To save them, Claire (Caitriona Balfe) comes up with a plan all too appropriate to the world of 2016.

If you haven’t viewed this episode yet be warned this review may contain spoilers.


  • The writing of the episode was once again brilliant.  Author of the beloved series Diana Gabaldon herself pens this episode. As a reader of the novels this episode brings me back into the books. Of course. things had to be changed or left out due to time, but the viewing was still a wonderful experience. A scene in particular was when Jamie (Sam Heughan) is praying in Gaelic over a sleeping Claire. This scene’s power comes from its foreshadowing, making me fear of what’s to come.
  • The Acting in this show never ceases to amaze me. Showrunner Ron Moore and his team have done an amazing job with casting.  This week’s guest stars are particularly strong.  Andrew Gower, our Bonnie Prince Charlie, shows us a man of both determination and weakness who at last comes into his own as a leader by following his better judgment instead of his instincts. Rosie Day as wallflower Mary Hawkins brings both the innocence and the strength needed for the character when she gets avenges her rape by killing the rapist. The revenge made me squeal with joy. WAY TO GO, MARY!


Once again, there is not one thing I didn’t like about this episode. Never before have I felt this way about any TV series or film based on a book or series of books I’ve loved.


You probably already know what I’m going to say: If you haven’t watched this show you truly need to start!

Happy TV Watching!

Diana Vaccarelli is the TVWriter™ Critic-at-Large and, in case you haven’t noticed, a HUGE Outlander fan. Learn more about her HERE