Diana Vacc sees “Inferno”

A perfect sample of the thrills, chills and excitement you'll see in Inferno
A perfect sample of the thrills, chills and excitement you’ll see in Inferno

by Diana Vaccarelli

*Be warned – this review may contain spoilers*

Tom Hanks reprises his role as our favorite religious conspiracy Professor Robert Langdon in Inferno. This time around he wakes up in an Italian hospital with no memory and has to team up with a Doctor to stop an evil plot that will threaten the world.


  • The production did a great job with locations. It was truly beautiful scenery. The way it was shot made you feel like you where in Italy with Tom Hanks.


  • Let’s start with the acting. To be blunt it’s was extremely cheesey.  Now, I love Tom Hanks – who doesn’t? But in this film there is only one word for the performance, and that is – oh, you guessed it (must’ve seen the film): CHEESEY!
  • Oh Boy! Talk about dull writing. The script can only be described as laborious and slooowww. There isn’t an exciting moment to be had.  Nothing about the story kept me from being fully engaged with only my popcorn.


  • I can’t in good conscience recommend this film to anybody for any reason. You are, of course, free to go to any theater that still is showing this dog and judge for yourself, but if I were the guaranteeing sort I would absolutely guarantee that you will wish you hadn’t.

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