by Diana Vaccarelli

hbt11-198x300The finale of the Hunger Games Franchise starts right where we left off. Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) is the leader of the rebellion against the oppressive Capitol of Panam. She has sustained major injuries at the hand of an ally the Capitol has corrupted. The rebellion is building and she has to lead in her persona of the Mockingjay, with everything Katniss loves hanging in the balance.

Gosh, it doesn’t get any more exciting than that, does it, revolution fans?

The Good:

  • The performances are superb. Watching this film you feel as though you are experiencing everything through these characters. Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, who portray Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark, have great chemistry. In one great scene Lawrence gives us all the emotion this whole series has been building up to. And Hutcherson kills it as he shows us what it absolutely must be like to suffer from PTSD. Then there’s Donald Sutherland, who gives us an evil yet charismatically charming President Snow. And the rest of the cast is right up there with them.
  • The writing is fantastic. Screenwriters Danny Strong and Peter Craig adapt this novel with great integrity. As a reader of these books, I’m in awe of how they bring this dystopian society and its core to life. And how they give us a Katniss who is exactly as I have always pictured her as I read – a true heroine always wanting to help and never failing to do what she feels is right.

The Bad:

  • The dramatization of the epilogue of the novel is pretty cheesy. Strong and Craig take what in the book is an inner monologue and have the character (see how I’m not saying which character because “spoilers?”) speak it all out loud, as he might in a stageplay. But this is film, and visually there simply isn’t any reason for the character to say anything.

The Bottom Line:

  • Overall, this film is fantastic at its core. It has everything. Whether you’re into politics, futuristic worlds, or love stories, this is the movie for you.

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