Diana Vacc sees “Bad Moms”

by Diana Vaccarelli

 *If you haven’t viewed this film yet be warned this review may contain spoilers!*

From the keyboards of Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, writers of The Hangover, among other gems, comes a story of three overworked Moms who have had enough.  Bad Moms follows these three moms as, led by Mila Kunas, they decide to get as drunk as they can and live a life full of debauchery. What could possibly go wrong? 


  • Mila Kunis as Amy brings humor and reliability to the film as the main bad mom.  Watching her go through the day-to-day tribulations of her life you feel for her and definitely agree that she does need a break.
  • The chemistry between Kunis, and the other bad moms, Kathryn Hahn, and Kristen Bell, comes sweeping out as us from the screen.  Watching the way they play off each other is almost as much fun as actually being them seems to be. I was absolutely convinced that they are truly lifelong friends. (And if they aren’t, I think they should be!)


  • Sorry, but we have to start with the writing. I consider The Hangover to be a classic comedy film and when I learned that Lucas and Moore were writing Bad Moms I had high hopes that they would be able to write women who were as funny as The Hangover‘s men. This film has its funny moments, to be sure, but overall the humor misses. The laughs are generic and unoriginal, as though they were working with a director who told them, “It isn’t a joke unless I’ve heard it before,” which is especially strange since they’re the credited directors themselves! This certainly does not live up to The Hangover.

If you’re a mom who needs a break then this film may bring you laughs. A more likely result, however, is that it will send you to the nearest bar.

Happy Summer Blockbuster Season!

Diana Vaccarelli is the TVWriter™ Critic-at-Large and, in case you haven’t noticed, a HUGE Outlander fan. Learn more about her HERE