Dare to be Stupid

Because you can never be perfect, but you can always be stupid. And stupid is more useful:


It’s okay to be dumb.

by David Mikola

The more you look for inspiration: the less you make. When you put that much energy into watching other people make: you begin to think it’s impossible to do great work of your own.

You’ll share inspiration, you’ll have meetings about it, you’ll use it as reference and you may even consider remixing it and putting it back into the world. Because that’s what’s being asked of you. Clients want successful creative work, but wanting somebody else’s creative success is toxic. You’ll get used to “curating” and clients will get used to seeing others’ success.

Watching people do brilliant things hurts. It’s awful. It’s the worst feeling in the entire world to want what others have.

We’re overwhelmed with it everyday. Everything that everyone is doing or has done is at your thumbs. But you can only watch, and dream, and admire, and seethe with jealousy for so long.

Until it fucking eats you alive. Until you get sucked into the giant demon mouth vagina of complacency and can’t escape. Until you take so much pride in your illusion of creativity, that it is what defines you as a person.

The shitty thing is: it’s easy to “curate.” It’s easy to do your job and escape into other people’s creativity. It’s comfortable being a fan. It’s why making something without a blueprint is so scary.

You have to dive in. You have to make yourself uncomfortable.

Your brain is going to tell you that you’re a fucking idiot at first, but you’ll learn so much about yourself when you see how you respond in situations you’ve never been in.

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Author: Kathryn Graham

Los Angeles-based television writer, TVWriter Contributing Editor, and lover of women. e-mail: kathrynagraham@gmail.com