Crowdfunding: STAR TREK: PHASE II 2014

st phase ii

If you’re into interweb video and/or STAR TREK, you probably already know about STAR TREK: PHASE II.

This peer produced sequel to the original STAR TREK been around for a decade now, giving us its creators view of what the episodes in an unmade fourth season of TREK would have been like, with guest writers like D.C. Fontana (who should need no introduction, so if you feel like she does, then look her up right now before going on!) and actors you may have heard of, like George Takei and Walter Koenig.

So far, everything’s been free to the viewer and everything’s also been excellent. We’ve always wondered how Senior Executive Producer James Cawley and his Very Talented Gang have been able to pull this off. And we’ve been hoping against hope that they’d be able to continue. The good news for this year is that they are indeed continuing. More news, which can be considered either good or bad, is that they need your help.

Bottom line: ST: PII is now on Kickstarter. It’s goal was to raise $10,000 for 4 more episodes. As of this writing, they achieved 400% of that amount of money – which means they’ve expanded their goals to include newer, better sets, better post production, a 5th episode–

And more, absolutely. But you can find out all about that at the show’s Kickstarter page. And its website.

TVWriter™ absolutely loves this series and encourages everyone to participate in its continued success however you can. Hey, not only is former Larry Brody mentor D.C. Fontana onboard, so is one of his current pals, Dan Reynolds, head honcho at TV stations K26TV in Harrison, AR and XL7TV in Mountain Home, AR. And his involvement speaks highly for this project because those of us in the know understand what great taste Dan the Man has.

Scarcely Known Fact: Dan Reynolds and Reynolds Media actually gave LB his very own 1-hour talk show a few years back. Can you imagine? If this doesn’t prove Dan Reynolds has the judgment of Solomon, then what else could?

stphase11aClick HERE for some video