Crazy Fan Creates ‘Star Trek’ Enterprise Replica in Basement


…Cuz, you know, she could.

In the words of TVWRITER™ contributor Herbie J Pilato, who discovered this particular almost-news item, “Ok, THIS is crazy – and yet…pretty dang cool.”

Our favorite room in the house!

Line Rainville, an obviously ardant STAR TREK fan, has redesigned her basement into various parts of the original Enterprise: the bridge, transporter room, recreation room, and observation deck.

Before this particularly insane project, Ms. Rainville had been not been anywhere near as fanatical about the show. “I had bought a tricorder and a phaser and a communicator for sure, but I had to buy a lot of things when I really decided to decorate my basement like that,” she’s quoted as saying, adding, “It’s a childhood dream.”

Thanks, Herbie J!

More fanwacky pics

Ensign Rainville

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