ComicMix Teams With Indiegogo

ComicMixProby Team TVWriter™ Press Service

We know, we know. Right now you’re probably asking, “What’s TVWriter™ got to do with ComicMix? That’s a comic book site, for crying out loud!”

The answer’s very straightforward: More and more comic book and graphic novel properties are being bought by major studios and networks for films and TV.

Plus, more and more writers with TV series ideas are turning to the comic book format as the place to introduce those ideas to the public. Comics/graphic novels often can be much more effective at getting the series’ potential across to those in the know than mere proposals/scripts. And they can get the concepts directly to a paying audience.

Publishing and marketing your own comic series, however, isn’t all that easy, and is fraught with its own kinds of dangers. Which is why one of our fave comic book sites, ComicMix, is partnering with Indiegogo to become “curators for graphic novel projects” on the site.

What that means is that Indiegogo clients will be able to take advantage of ComicMix Pro Services resources in ediging, marketing, production and distribution.

Mike Gold, Editor-in-Chief at ComicMix Pro Services, puts it this way:

“We are delighted to be partners with Indiegogo and bring our expertise to a new generation of creative talent. This is an exciting time in the comics business, and Indiegogo is a major force in changing the way the art of graphic storytelling reaches news audiences.”

Yeah, we know that sounds like pure soundbite material, without much real substance, but the fact remains that ComicMix has personnel with talent up the wazoo, and if they can give you/us access to that talent as creatives, well, it’s a huge advantage. Kind of like getting the chance to put together your own series with Our Big Cheese, Larry B.

It’s worth looking into, that’s for sure.

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