CHEERS is Back! Live & Onstage!

cheers.playbillby Team TVWriter™ Press Service

Now this is cool. The Chicago Tribune tells us that long-running classic TV series CHEERS has been adapted into a stage play and is scheduled to play in Chicago this September. This kind of adaptation of a TV series probably wouldn’t work very well for, let’s say, NCIS, but when you think of all the Broadway shows that have been set in bars, CHEERS could be a natural.

The Chicago run of what seems intended to be a long, country-wide tour, will extend from September 20th to October 23rd. According to a recent article, “The show is licensed by CBS and produced by Stageworks Media and Troika Entertainment.” No casting has been announced, but presumably it won’t include any of the former stars. It’ll be interesting to see who appears as the next Ted Danson, Rhea Perlman, and Shelly Long.

Wonder if the omnipresent CHEERS reruns will be blacked out in Chi Town while the live show plays.