Nathan Bransford: Don’t step on your surprises

When Nathan Bransford offers advice, we listen. In case you’re wondering why, here he is with the kind of writing wisdom you don’t find just anywhere.

by Nathan Bransford

Crafting good mysteries is an important part of the novel writing process, no matter the genre. Mysteries pull the reader through the novel, they build anticipation and suspense, and they often result in the most satisfying payoffs for the reader. read article

Raise your hand if you remember munchman

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Once upon a time “munchman,” AKA Timothy Tyler Muncher AKA a veritable truckload of crisp and munchy pseudonyms was an integral part of TVWriter™.

munchachacha has had his ups and downs here, usually starting out like a firecracker and ending up angry and frustrated and slithering off like a 4th of July snake, but he’s always had a big following, and, frankly, all of us here at the current iteration of TVWriter™ love the sonuvabitch. read article


It’s Quick Showbiz Career Tip Time
“Look, ma, we’re cheerleaders now!”

Feeling alienated?

Driving friends & fam nuts because you’re so caught up in your fantasies that reality is  nothing more than a heavy gravity hole? read article

munchman: Hey, kids, I just got a crazy idea…

by munchman

…Let’s talk about death!

To be precise:

When A Self-Published Author Dies What Happens To Their Books? read article

munchman: At the end of the day…WTF?

by munchman

Just read a blog post by a writer yrs.truly mightily respects, and his closing paragraph, in answer to a TV writing question, began with a now all-too-familiar phrase:

“At the end of the day….”

Yer Friendly Neighborhood Munchikins sees it all the time. Over and over and over. Such and such or so and so is the best thing since the last best thing “at the end of the day.” read article