Two Ways To Become A Hollywood Screenwriter

William Martell – AKA Bill – is one of our favorite people here at TVWriter™, as well as a mighty fine writer and teacher. One of the things we like most about Bill is his absolute refusal to give his web posts, including videos, clickbait titles.

In this case, though, we kind of wish he had. Because these just plain old ways to get started, they’re well thought out scenarios that this TVWriter™ minion has seen work…time and time again.

Take it away, Maestro Martell: read article

What Is High Concept?

Film Courage strikes again with this provocative video about what “high concept” is and isn’t. The video concentrates on this as a “big movie idea,” but TV historically has been the arena where high concept ruled. And now…showtime:!/FilmCourage

This too is part of Film Courage’s series on screenplay writing. You can see the whole magilla by starting HERE


The answer to another question frequently asked by neophyte TV and screenwriters. Yes, there’s a bit of the dreaded overthink here, but what better way to be informed than to learn even more than you expected?

from Script Reader Pro

The goal of any aspiring screenwriter is to get paid for, well, writing. But what exactly does it take to be compensated for your work? What do you do once you’re offered money for a script? Is there even such a thing as a “screenwriter salary” in the first place? read article

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We love you guys so much that we’ve cancelled everything else at TVWriter™ today to clear the decks for your last-minute bargain PEOPLE’S PILOT 2018 entries. read article

Optioning My TV Series From Outside of L.A.

At last! The info all of us who haven’t yet been able to relocate to the “land of fruits and nuts,” AKA Los Angeles have been waiting for.

We know, we know. For two decades TVWriter™ has been saying, “Ya gotta live in L.A. if you want to make in showbiz.” And throughout those two decades new writers have been emailing us with the plea, “Say it ain’t so.”

Well, we aren’t going to go quite that far. You do need to be in L.A. in order to become the grand success we all dream of. But here’s a heartwarming video that gives some good news to those who are uprooting-challenged: There’s hope after all! read article