What You Need to Know About Yourself To Become More Productive

zeigarnik effect

Yes, we could sum it all up and lay it out for you, but this dood does it so much better:

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Einstein’s Gift for Fantasy

We think the older Einstein probably fantasized too. Just a bit anyway:


by Michael Michalko

Think of how Albert Einstein changed our understanding of time and space by fantasizing about people going to the center of time in order to freeze their lovers or their children in century-long embraces. This space he imagined is clearly reminiscent of a black hole, where, theoretically, gravity would stop time. Einstein also fantasized about a woman’s heart leaping and falling in love two weeks before she has met the man she loves, which lead him to the understanding of acausality, a feature of quantum mechanics. A caricature of special relativity (the relativistic idea that people in motion appear to age more slowly) is based on his fantasy of a world in which all the houses and offices are on wheels, constantly zooming around the streets (with advance collision-avoidance systems). read article

Being Drunk and Sleepy Can Do Wonders for Your Creativity

Um, we already knew this. Yeppers. But it’s still fun to have our drinking knowledge confirmed:

drinking genius

by Adam Pash (Lifehacker.Com)

Common sense (and your irrational compulsion to, you know, keep your job) says drinking at work—or working when you’re groggy—are bad news. But as Wired’s Jonah Lehrer points out, recent studies reveal that being sleeping and/or drunk is great for creativity. Here’s why: read article

And Now, a Subliminal Advertising Update

…’Cuz it’s Christmas, and what better gifte to gifte yourself with?

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$4.99, to be precise. Not bad, eh? Especially since it’s one helluva book.

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