LB’s Poetry: “Dancing Stars”


My friend the wild Indian

(See the feathers! Hear the bells!)

Points up at the night sky. Stars fixed read article

LB’s Poetry: “Kid Hollywood is Born: June, 1968”


People always ask how I got started as a television writer, and I my best to give them the condensed, educational, “You-can-do-it-too” version. But the following poem doesn’t just state the facts, it faces how I felt at the time the beginning – um – began. And since the poem was written many years, there must might be a trace or two of how I felt while I was writing this as well:

Kid Hollywood Is Born: June, 1968;
I Want To Write About Dreams read article

LB’s Poetry: “The Love Song of Zane Simon Marx”


I came to L.A. to write for television in the late ’60s, and with my first gig one of what was to be several love-hate relationships, both professional and personal, began. I did pretty well with the professional thing, at least – achieved every one of my goals as a TV writer, actually, although it feels immodest to say it. Many of my friends from that era did the same. And, professionally speaking, some achieved even more. The following is a true story of that time and place, reflecting bits and pieces of us all:

The Love Song of Zane Simon Marx
by Larry Brody

The moon taunts him. read article

LB’s Poetry: The Indian People See Things No One Else Does


In the early ’90s, when I had had enough of Hollywood’s reality as opposed to the dreams that had driven me to go there and succeed, I did when any totally impractical and probably insane person would: I packed my clothing, comic books, drum kit, and dog into an SUV and drove off to the Southwest to see if I could track the magic I had been writing about for so long but never experienced. I found it, kind of like this… read article

LB’s Poetry: “Kid Hollywood”

kidhollywoodcovercoyoteCaptureNOTE FROM LB: A Hollywood poem by a Hollywood guy.

About what it felt like to be this particular Hollywood guy.

For those who want to know more, there’s a longer note after the main attraction. read article