Cargo 3120: The Making of a Sci-Fi Franchise #15

CARGO3120Entry 15 – Juggling Life and Passion Part II

by Daymond C. Roman

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The Story So Far starts HERE)

So, last week I said that I would delve a bit deeper into the tasks we all face while making our dreams come true. And, I can’t think of a better way to do that than to start from the beginning.

You see, for this New Year, I decided to reprioritize my life by figuring out what’s important to me and shredding away anything that wasn’t. And, that process lead me to four areas of major importance: health, family, work, and passion. Now, it’s worth mentioning that I am a man of faith and believe that these four areas alone could never provide personal fulfillment. However, I believe that through God’s grace I can be successful in all of these areas to a degree that I will be personally fulfilled.

So, when creating a daily schedule for myself, I needed to include all of these areas so that each could receive an appropriate amount of my attention. But how? There are only so many hours in the day.

I have heard it that 9-5 is for your day job and 5-10 is for your passion. So, I decided to use that model as a foundation and work from there. But, that still left health and family. What to do, what to do? I mean, I am willing to work as hard as needed to accomplish my goals. But, I don’t want to work so much that I’m unable to enjoy my accomplishments…

Well, for years now, I’ve already been waking up a few hours early to workout. It’s a great way to start the day, because after, you feel ready to tackle any situation that presents itself. And, since I primarily work from home anyway, I’ll always be available to my family, which works out great. Next time, I’ll let you know if this schedule is indeed working out or not. So, until then…

Next Week: Juggling Life and Passion Part III