Cargo 3120: The Making of a Sci-Fi Franchise #12

CARGO3120Entry 12 – How Important is Social Media?
by Daymond C. Roman

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The Story So Far starts HERE)

So, as Aaron worked on our website I was in charge of social media. Now, I’m not one of those frequent “facebookers”, “tweeters”, or “instagramers”. At least, I wasn’t at the time; but in order to develop any type of audience these days, social media is a must.

I mean, it’s not like it used to be; back in the day, marketing campaigns were all about purchasing TV/radio spots and/or some sort of printed publication. And that was it, because that’s where everyone’s eyeballs were. Today, even if you have those marketing vehicles, the everyday consumer expects you to have a strong online presence, because that’s where the eyeballs are now. And I’m not just talking about a website either.

Today’s consumer wants to know the ins-and-outs about everything you are and produce, and they want that info highly accessible. So, what better way is there to be accessible, than through social media? With 200 million instagramers, 284 million tweeters, and 1.35 billion active facebook users, I quickly realized how serious we needed to be about creating and maintaining a social media space for Cargo 3120. So, when you get a chance, check out our concept art, back story, and find out who we are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and our Use the hashtag #Cargo3120

Next Week: The Ins and Outs of Our Animatic Short

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