BAFTA TV Writing Awards Announced Last Night

The British Academy of Film & Television Arts announced a mess of winners of this year’s TV awards last night, and while TVWriter™ is happy for everyone – and impressed as hell by their skill too – the awards we care most about are these:


Television Craft | Writer – Comedy in 2015


Writer: Mackenzie Crook


Television Craft | Writer – Drama in 2015


Writer: Sally Wainwright

 See all the winners HERE

One thought on “BAFTA TV Writing Awards Announced Last Night”

  1. Admission from LB – or maybe it’s a proclamation?

    Yours truly is totally addicted to UK TV these days, and while I can’t say that DETECTORISTS and HAPPY VALLEY are my favorite shows, I will tell you that they’re much better than most other shows that aren’t faves…yes, including those made in the USA.

    And I’ll also say that I think Sally Wainwright is one of the best writers working anywhere. Congrats to Sally and Mackenzie!


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