Are These the 10 Best Structured Films of All Time?

Whether they are or they aren’t, this video remains our favorite kind of critique:

More by the same creators – Cinefix – at…oh, you guessed it?! The CineFix Channel.

LB’s NOTE: I do have one complaint about this post. The narration of the video says “Good film-making isn’t all clever dialog and….” But the blurb under the video on YouTube puts it a bit differently:

Movies aren’t all about the writing or the acting or the fancy camera work. The great ones rely on the underlying structure of the story. It’s time to take a look at 10 of the best structured films of all time.

For the record, boys and girls and fans and, oh, yeah, peeps at Cinefix, one of the key elements of “writing” is “structure.” You got it right on the screen, why the fuck couldn’t you do the same on the web page?

As one writer to another, or a few others, just asking….