Like the mega-corporations always say, when it comes to business – even show business – profit is the best revenge.



Charlie Sheen’s TV show sets cable audience record

(Reuters) – Charlie Sheen may have lost a man and a half, but the bad boy actor has rebounded from last year’s television debacle with a record-setting audience for his new TV comedy.

More than 5.4 million U.S. viewers watched the debut episode of “Anger Management” on FX on Thursday night according to audience ratings data, making it was the most-watched, scripted comedy series debut in primetime cable TV history.

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So, approve of them or not, Charlie Sheen’s antics have leveraged him from mere highest-paid-star-in-TV-stardom to the dizzying realm of godlike-household-name.

Because it has to be Charlie that brought in the audience, and kept it for the length of the show. It sure wasn’t anything else about the episode. Especially not the embarrassingly milquetoast, continually backpedaling script. (Hey, we’re a writing site. Gotta comment on the words. And, speaking of words, how about that “milquetoast,” huh? When’s the last time you read that on the web?)

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