AMC and ATT Make a Deal in Nick of Time – Wotta Shocker!

AMC Networks, AT&T Reach New Carriage Deal
by George Szalai

AMC Networks, the company behind cable networks AMC, IFC, and WE tv, AT&T’s U-verse pay TV service, unveiled a new carriage agreement on Sunday.

“We have reached a long-term agreement with AT&T that appropriately recognizes the value of our networks and our award-winning and high-quality programming,” AMC Networks said. “We respect AT&T as a partner that has a genuine interest in working with us to ensure their customers continue to enjoy our programming, which includes the upcoming July 15 premiere of AMC’s Breaking Bad…”

Earlier this weekend, satellite TV giant Dish Network dropped the channels of AMC Networks, including “The Walking Dead” home and flagship network AMC….

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Looks like Dish Network subscribers are still plumb out of luck. Unless there’s a miraculous, last-minute agreement, plucked out of the air as though by God. Which, btw, is pretty much what always happens in these situations.

Just sayin’.