America’s Top 10 Broadcast & Streaming Shows 9/13/21

With Outer Banks again taking the #1 spot, Netflix filled every spot in the Nielsen Original Streaming Shows Top 10 last week. The top three were Outer Banks, of course (hmm, we’ll have to watch that some time), Hit & Run, and Grace and Frankie.

On the cable side of things, Fox News Channel offerings filled the entire Top Ten again, with Tucker Carlson’s show taking first, third, ninth, and tenth.

CBS had 6 shows in the syndicated Top Ten, all daytime fare, with Warner TV’s Big Bank Theory and CBS’s Law & Order: SVU the only fiction to place above 11th.

Something called Duke’s Mayo Classic finished first on the Primetime Broadcast Network Top 10, with – once again – NCIS, which finished 8th, the only fiction in the list.

Which reminds us that CBS is moving NCIS to Monday nights starting with its 19th season opener later this week, which some insiders are considering a kiss-off. Some might call this crazy self-sabotage, and, yes indeed. we here at TVWriter™ are among this.

Deets and more info about all this await you HERE



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