6 Vital Steps to Scripting Animation

LB’S NOTE: Looking to conquer the animation world? The info in this article from Industrial Scripts could be just what you need to become the next William the Conqueror. (No, I don’t mean William Barr. Sheesh!)

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Have you always had an affinity for animation? Do you have a story idea that you think would be perfect for an animated film? Are you simply finding that your live-action project can’t move forward, and want to see if it could be a match for animation?

Animation is incredible in that it isn’t just another genre of film (in fact, it really shouldn’t be considered a film genre at all) but it is an entirely different medium through which to tell a visual story.

This includes traditional animation methods like hand-drawn 2D animation or 3D computer-generated animation, but also can include stop-motion animation as well as puppets.

We’ve compiled a few things to consider if you are about to embark on the journey of writing an animated film. We’ll ask:

1. Your Story Idea Needs Animation?

What is great about animation is that you will use the standard format for a screenplay. So no surprises there! But let us be clear: not every story should be translated into animation. The medium needs to fit the content.

So consider if your script meets these qualifications….

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