YouTube Really, Really Wants to be Your TV Channel

…And why the hell not?

Jennifer Beals Debuts in YouTube Series ‘Lauren’ – by Cherie Saunders

With its increasing stable of original scripted programming, YouTube is trying to be as much of a go-to channel for viewers as NBC or HBO.

Not only is it becoming an increasingly popular destination for viewers fed up with the what the networks spoon-feed on traditional television, but film actors craving quality scripts are finding the experience surprisingly rewarding.

At roundtables for her new film “The Odd Life of Timothy Green,” Jennifer Garner discussed her short film “Serena,” one of a series created for the YouTube channel WIGS. “I did it while I was pregnant. It was one day. It was heaven,” she told EURweb. Asked if she cared that the Rodrigo Garcia-directed film was going straight to YouTube, she said, “I just liked the writing. I just wanted to do it. I’m not a snob that way.”

Jennifer Beals, whose three-part web series “Lauren” premiered on WIGS today, told the TCA press tour in July that she found the YouTube experience liberating.

“What I loved about the whole process is that it feels like playing,” said Beals. “You still have the discipline of work, the same kind of discipline you would have on any set, but there’s a collaboration and a sense of freedom. And I don’t mean that in a willy-nilly, slappy way. There’s a lack of fear because there aren’t so many people saying, ‘Oh, your hair should look this way.’ Like, my hair and makeup was 20 minutes for this show. That’s never happened to me.”

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We’re telling you: Web series are the way to go.

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