A Showrunner is Hosting the Oscars This Year: Way to go, Seth MacFarlane!

The Motion Picture Academy chose a guy known primarily as a writer to host the Academy Awards show this year? Yay, God!

Seven Burning Questions About Seth MacFarlane Hosting the Oscars – by Kyle Buchanan

Earlier today, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced thatFamily Guy creator Seth MacFarlane would be hosting the Oscars in February, and they have not yet rescinded the offer, so it looks like it’s really happening! Have you adjusted to this new reality? Do you think the choice is actually kind of clever and out-of-the-box, or are you drafting an emergency plea to Hugh Jackman to intercede? No matter how you’re reacting to MacFarlane’s pick, you’ve surely got some questions about it, and we do, too. Here, then, are the top seven things we’re wondering after today’s announcement.

Do people actually recognize Seth MacFarlane?

If ABC vetoed Jimmy Fallon, why would they accept Seth MacFarlane?

How did AMPAS come up with this choice?

How much singing will he do?

Which Oscar-nominated movie will MacFarlane make the most vaguely racist jokes about?

What does Neil Patrick Harris have to do to host the Oscars?

Will MacFarlane matter that much?

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We’d be snarking away about all this but truth to tell, we’re @%$#! shock.