Yahoo Interviews the Doctor Puppet’s Companion

…Who turns out to be the most charming of all the Companions we’ve seen the Doctor himself, um, have.

The Doctor Puppet, looking pretty cocky. Hmm…

Hey, we just figured out that his mouth is drawn on with a marker. That’s how he changes expressions. (How long has it taken for us to get this? Ouch.)

Oh…we almost forgot. The Yahoo interview awaits.

And here’s the World’s Only Video Starring The Doctor Puppet:

Who says the TVWriter™ gang isn’t made up of completists? (No OCD jokes, please.)

2 thoughts on “Yahoo Interviews the Doctor Puppet’s Companion”

  1. I have some knowledge of stop motion animation, and one technique for changing the mouth movement of a puppet is to have a different head for each mouth position. I didn’t think this puppet’s companion would do that much work for her blog, but then I realized she just drew the mouth for each picture. However, my most recent theory is that she draws it on in Photoshop (or other image editing software) after taking the picture. That leaves the puppet’s head clean, whereas marker might leave marks.

    1. From Yahoo’s interview with Companion Alisa Stern:

      “To create his mouth, I originally used paper stickers that I would change out for different expressions. I kept losing them outside though, so I found it was easier to just add the mouth later using Photoshop.”

      Mystery solved. Thanks, Robin!

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