Why We Totally Hate HBO’s GIRLS

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Yes, it’s true, everybody here at TVWriter™ despises the series GIRLS. We think it’s puerile, stereotypical, and, as Gwen the Beautiful, totally sweet, calm, and secure wife of Our Feckless Leader, LB, puts it:

Nope, sorry, but I can’t watch another episode. The first two have already made me hate myself for being the parent of a 20-something daughter and at the same time totally mistrust her. Is that what television shows are supposed to do?

It’s with that mindset that we went crusing around FUNNY OR DIE.COM and found its GIRLS soulmate – ROBOTS. Many, many thanks, FODC, for making it possible for us to totally hate bots now too!

3 thoughts on “Why We Totally Hate HBO’s GIRLS”

  1. Everybody hatin’ on the Girls. Actually, the beginning of Season One bugged me becasue the problems were unrelatable. But now the proverbial shit is finally hitting the fan in Season 2.

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