We Hope Not Dept: Another Cherished TV Series Stepping into Film Oblivion?

Hey, we love Denzel, but Edward Woodward he ain’t. Damn.

1980s CBS Crime Drama Heads to Big Screen With Denzel Washington in Lead Role Deadline (ripped – not ripped off – from TVBizwire

Two-time Oscar winner Denzel Washington will receive $20 million to play a character based on the CBS crime drama “The Equalizer,” reports Deadline.com.

The series ran on CBS from 1985-89 with Edward Woodward as Robert McCall, a former British operative who became a Robin Hood type trouble-shooter in New York City. The show was created by Michael Sloan and Richard Lindheim.

The Denzel Washington film will be tailored to his persona. His “Equalizer” will be a solitary man who lives a monastic lifestyle but helps those who have been victimized. The project is seen as the first in what is designed to be a series of “Equalizer” films starring Washington.

The film is set to start production in April 2013, produced by Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal, Steve Tisch, Alex Siskin, Mace Neufeld, Michael Sloan and Tony Eldridge.

Actually, the more we think about it, the more we like this idea. We think Denzel will be great in the role. It’s just that, shouldn’t a guy this good – this special – do better for himself and the audience by being somebody new?

2 thoughts on “We Hope Not Dept: Another Cherished TV Series Stepping into Film Oblivion?”

  1. Wow, The Equalizer, wish I never had forgotten about that show, it was great. But I think the new show would have been better with a lesser known actor.

  2. Hey, Christian, good to see you here. The problem re THE EQUALIZER reboot is that it’s a movie, not a TV series. So it has to have a Big Star. I don’t worry about the performance anyway. But I do have concerns about what a feature film script will be like.



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