TVWriter™ is Digging Hollywood Journal.Com


This past weekend you may have noticed that we reprinted/linked to not one but two articles from HollywoodJournal.Com. (Um, that would be HERE and HERE.)

That’s because we just found the site and, well, you know how we are, we fell in love with it. HJC is loaded with articles that we found not only helpful but vastly entertaining. These writers are funny. So funny, in fact, that we wish we could get them to work for us.

Here’s what the site has to say about itself:

Hollywood Journal is about the power of entertainment to inspire us, to change our lives, to shape our world. It is about the emotional and spiritual journeys that the people who create entertainment undertake, and about the way those journeys — through movies, television, theatre, books, music and games — affect the lives of their audiences.

The true power of Hollywood is not fame or money, box office or celebrity, but its ability to shape our perception of the world, to sharpen our empathy, to broaden our understanding, to bend our hearts and open our minds.

When Napoleon said, “Imagination rules the world,” he was speaking of the power stories have to determine who, what and how we love, what we fear and what matters to us most.

Hollywood Journal is where the people who dream up these stories — writers, directors, actors, musicians, artists, producers, story creators of all sorts – reveal the insights, experiences, inner resources and outer struggles that shaped their works and their lives. In Hollywood Journal they can explore how spirituality and creativity are inextricably linked.

Hollywood Journal is where those who enjoy Hollywood can talk about its impact on their lives. How a movie changed the way they see the world, how a single scene opened their heart or a TV show set their life on a different course.

Bold claims, right? But here at TVWriter™ we love bold claims, especially if they’re substantiated, and, yeppers, Hollywood Journal does just that. Some of the recent posts we wish had been written for us instead include:

We laughed, we cried, we learned. What more can you ask of a showbiz site?

Oh, yeah, right, it should get you an agent. Nope, afraid HJC can’t do that. (Dirty Little Interweb Secret: No website can.)

The bottom line here is that we think it would be worth your while to check out Hollywood Journal.Com. And if you do, couldja please tell ’em TVWriter™ sent you? Because they have no idea we’ve written this, and unless they find out this article is useless as a Hollywood networking ploy. Yeah, you got it. We learned this all-important rule at: