Did You Know TVWriter™ Has a Links Page?

Knowledge = power = $$$ in showbiz, and the sites TVWriter™ links to definitely will bring you knowledge.

Know what we hate more than anything?

Well, maybe not more than anything cuz we really, really, really hate bad writing, slow-paced TV shows, commercials, inconsiderate behavior of all kinds–

Maybe we’d better just stop for now and get back to our main point which is that it has come to our attention that one of the least visited pages on TVWriter™ is our page of favorite television and writing sites. And we find that disturbing cuz we’ve benefitted greatly by having them in our RSS feeds (see, Google, somebody still uses RSS!), and we think you’re missing out by not visiting at least some of these great places too.

So here’s our list of faves, AKA TVWriter™ Links:

Oh, and here’s one more link, to the original, continually added-onto Links Page itself.

Check it out from time to time and watch it grow. (Or shrink as, whimsical beasts that we are, we change our minds and let disappointing sites bite the dust.)

Another kind of links, guaranteed to bring you, well, let's just say that golf bores us.
Another kind of links, guaranteed to bring you, well, let’s just say that golf bores us. (Sorry, golfers.)