Get inspired by pro writers’ early scripts!

Every once in awhile we come across what can best be described as “good, old-fashioned, sound advice. This is one of those times.

Which means you should read it, y’know?

by Rob Pilkington

If you’ve logged even just a couple years in this whole “aspiring screenwriter” thing, you’ve probably discovered that revisiting your old material isn’t always a picnic.  Sure, there are lessons to be gleaned from some of those crude, bumbling, early pages, but the spirit of learning is likely trumped by the urge to lock those embarrassing attempts forever inside a fireproof safe – and to drop that safe into some shark-infested waters.

If nothing else, it’s comforting to know that even the most successful professional screenwriters were once just like us. We now have proof: a few online resources have cropped up that allow us to examine early scripts by actual working writers. Show Us Your Specs is a new online library of the spec scripts that first got now-showrunners noticed. Early entries already include Revenge’s Gretchen J. Berg & Aaron Harberts, Once Upon a Time’s Jane Espenson, and Don’t Trust the B’s Dave Hemingson.

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