The Real Reason Coffee Shops Boost Productivity

Um, we thought the reason to write in coffee shops was hot waitresses. But this guy has a point too:

coffeeshopwritingby David Burkus

Freelancers, creatives, and the work-from-home-set have long held the local coffee shop (or chain) as their secondary, semi-private office. You arrive, order a drink, set your stuff down, and many times enter into to a flow-like state of work, only to be interrupted when your cups runs dry or your battery runs out. Many even believe they are more productive or more creative when working from coffee shops–and they could be right.

But it’s not the caffeine that does it. It’s the background noise.

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Background noise is good? What? OMG, maybe I should move back into my old dorm room. We sure as hell had hella noise there. Oh, wait, it was foreground noise, wasn’t it? Yeah. Everything in my college days was foreground.