Dan Harmon Talks ‘Community’ Return, Teases New Projects

Yessir, it’s that time of year again. The time when Dan Harmon steps into the spotlight and monopolizes the television news. How does he do this? Why does he do this? Why can’t we @!%# do this?

kinopoisk.ruby Chris Willman

“If any of you are a midlevel writer who doesn’t work for ‘Parks and Rec,’ let me know that you exist and I would love to hire you,” the reinstated showrunner cracks at a Los Angeles Cinefamily event.

Somebody has a lot of catching up to do on Community. And that someone is Dan Harmon, who is formalizing his deal to return for the fifth season of the series he created. On Saturday night, he admitted he hasn’t been paying any attention to the NBC comedy’s creative direction since his unceremonious exit a year ago.

“I have not seen the fourth season yet,” Harmon told an audience at L.A.’s Silent Movie Theatre, where he was co-hosting an event. “I swear to God.”

Perhaps the most intriguing news: “Sony said they’re very interested in recording me watching it as a commentary track” for the season four DVD set, he said. His co-host for the evening,Rob Schrab, asked if the DVD commentary could also include a visual in the corner of the screen with Harmon’s facial expressions as he watches the season he was notably aced out of.

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