The Point Radio: Why Jane Espenson Is So Proud Of HUSBANDS

Jane Espenson is one of TV’s science fiction writing greats. She’s a big fave around here, which means that we consider any interview with her to be a Must Read.

Or, in this case, a Must Hear.

What? You don’t know Ms. Espenson’s work? Don’t worry. This article will straighten your ignorant self out:

PT082313by Mike Raub

From BUFFY to ONCE UPON A TIME, Jane Espenson has written some great TVbut her proudest accomplishment is the web series, HUSBANDS, now starting a new season on a new home, The CWSeed. Jane talks about why the show just keeps growing, plus the Alluring Amber Benson fills us in on her guest shot on HUSBANDS and that classic BUFFY Musical. And Shark Fever isn’t cooling off.SyFy tosses out another film in the genre, GHOST SHARK. We talk to the writer/director about how SHARKNADO was just a lead in for his film. Oh yeah, and Affleck will be Batman. Just deal with it.

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