The Official DOCTOR WHO Website is Looking for Questions…

…for Steven Moffat and Caro Skinner, the show’s two Executive Producers, to answer. And we know that if TVWriter™ ‘s visitors know how to do anything it’s ask questions:

Ask the Execs: Put Your Questions to Steven Moffat and Caro Skinner! (BBC.Com)

Doctor Who’s Executive Producers are Steven Moffat and Caro Skinner, meaning that if the show was a ship, these people would be at the helm, plotting and piloting its course. And now we’re joining them on the bridge, introducing a new feature called ‘Ask the Execs’ that gives you the chance to put your questions to them!

Every week we’ll invite you to send in your questions. We’ll pick three of the best and bring you the execs’ answers to them the following week.

But here’s the bit we can’t stress strongly enough: we’re looking for the most interesting and imaginative questions!

So it’s essential to avoid questions like what are those dinosaurs doing on a spaceship or who does the Doctor face in Mercy. Those secrets will unfold when the episodes hit our screens. We want questions that only Steven and Caro can answer… It could be about their best moments on set, favourite (or least favourite!) memories, monsters, earliest recollections of the show, stepping inside the TARDIS for the first time… Remember, Doctor Who is a team effort and Steven and Caro lead the team. So why not find out about their experiences and feelings about the best show in the world, and their unique situation of creating it?

Put your thinking fezzes on and send us your questions to: and please include your full name in the body of your message. The subject heading of your email should read Ask the Execs.

You’ve got until Monday at noon to send us your questions, so get thinking and writing… good luck!

Sorry, can’t say anything else about this article. We’re too busy writing, writing, writing our questions. Let’s see:

Hey Steven and Caro,

So why are you so pale? Why are you still living on that damp little island when you could be limoing around Beverly Hills? We think you should do an American version of DOCTOR WHO starring Nathan Fillian David Boreanaz Carrot Top. Don’t you agree?

Okay, so it needs a little work. But the Carrot Top suggestion’s a winner, don’t you think?

See? Carrot Top already has the regeneration thing down